Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

I love my brother's birthday as it also marks 12 days until Christmas! The kids are SUPER excited and Matt and I are enjoying all the wonderment that little ones bring to the holiday season. I have enjoyed our break from selling the house. We talk to a new realtor on Wed. and I am positive that he will be the last one! Almost all my Christmas shopping is done and I am going to start some holiday baking with the kids. I have been sewing some OOAK spring dress to put in my etsy shop, but I am also enjoying the break from the custom world. I am trying to get my facebook fan page going. Thank you to my 13 fans!!! I appreciate each and everyone of you! I did finish Luke's first year photo book (yea me!) and I am caught up on our family 2009 book!!!

Enjoy these pictures of the kids! Wyatt and Madeline at the museum.

Madeline in the dress that Grandma P made for Cindy many moons ago!


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