Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

Since bedrooms seem to be the theme this month I thought that I would end the month with a little update of the master bedroom.  Last year I started a little gallery wall on one narrow wall and decided to move it to a larger space when I purchased a set of matching frames from Ikea last month.  I chose the Virserum (the same line as the two above my bed) to keep things matchy-matchy.  

My inspiration for silhouettes in the bedroom? My real life bff, LaNae.  
Here is her lovely vignette.

I had the inspiration, but not the expertise in photoshop, but Samantha came to my rescue with her tutorial that does not use photoshop!

For a fun spin on the traditional silhouettes I did mine in yellow.  I am on the hunt for a vintage number 5 for that little blank corner, bur overall I am pleased with the new addition of color and interest.

I Love Us and Monogram sources.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Updates to Little Spaces

Luke's room was feeling a little left out since I posted updated pictures of Wyatt and Madeline's rooms. Very little has changed in his room over the last two years except a few new accessories and a modest stuffed animal collection.  I blame Aunt Chelley for this.

Another little update is to my desk area in the nook.  The white frames were feeling a little bland for me and while strolling through Lowes I picked up a sample of Gypsy Teal for an inexpensive update.

Source: lowes.com via Stephanie on Pinterest



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Billy Pair and Felt Food

When we moved in I bought Madeline a fifteen dollar book shelf that I have absolutely hated and although the Billy is not expensive it is nicer than the standard pressed board shelf.  We purchased two small, narrow Billies in Atlanta with the option to add more when the need arises.   I also gave the little shelf above a coat of my favorite spray paint.

Madeline was given her Great Grandma Penney's tiered tray and I thought that it would look adorable with felt goodies.  Cookies, cupcakes, and rolls were added and are ready for impromptu tea parties!

I used this cookie and cupcake tutorial to create these felt yummies.

The jelly rolls and swiss cake rolls are simple rectangles rolled and sewn together.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitchen Pulls

Remember when I shared my cabinet pull purchase?  After searching four local hardware stores for a template we ended up empty handed.  We were able to pick one up at Ikea while in Atlanta (love Ikea).  Matt installed the new pulls before we painted so the finish on the cabinet will not be compromised. This is my first time to have cabinet hardware and I like it! The floor project is setting the kitchen timeline back a bit, but hopefully not too much. 

Every day I set out cups for the kids that they use throughout the day.  For some reason my husband is the only one who used twenty cups a day.  Ok, I am exaggerating just a bit...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wyatt's Superhero Room Reveal

Wyatt's room is finished and I am pleased with the end result.  Last month I shared my ideas for this room and am happy to complete this little project for a little under $90 total.

"New" student chair that cost a little less than $15, but makes a big impact.

I loved these free prints and found clearance frames at Target for $4.18 a piece for fun art pieces.  New lamp shade from Ikea for $3.99.

Comic duvet and sham  for $29.99 from Target, which was the inspiration for the new look.

These comic book art canvases were just what I had in mind for this fun room.  Wyatt and I picked out four favorite comics from Half Price Books  (all comics are an additional 20% off on Wednesdays) and Mod Podged the covers on 9x12 art canvases.  We spent $7.50 on the four comic books and $14 on the canvases.  These comics are all over twenty years old and one of them is thirty-six years old. Iron Man is my favorite.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coffee Cake Muffins

I love making something for Sunday breakfast the night before for a quick and special treat the next morning and these muffins did not disappoint!  They taste like a cake donut and have just the right amount of cinnamon sugar topping.  Yummy!  Here is the recipe.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Garden Update

We are in the middle of a drought and although my grass looks like this:

I am thankful that the garden is thriving.


Cherry tomatoes and they taste way better than the ones from the store.

These are my two tomato plants. They are HUGE.

My first carrots!  As I was pulling them out of the ground I was reminded of one of my favorite children's book, The Carrot Seed.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flooring Wish Granted

One of my big home wishes is coming true. We have purchased laminate flooring for the entire downstairs and I am beyond thrilled!  We decided to go with a hand scraped look through Sam's Club.  I saw this flooring on The Yellow Cape Cod and fell in love with the rustic look.  Matt and I agreed that we liked it and when a co worker of his bought and installed it in their home and raved we were sold.  The pros to this flooring is that it is 14 mm thick and has an underlayment attached and is only a little over 6 inches wide. We did not want a wide plank.  The biggest pro is that this is only setting us back a $1.80 a square foot. Matt will install it himself with a little or a lot of help from me. So far I do not have a con, but I will let you know.

Since we are in demolition mode we decided to remove the fireplace tiles and start fresh with something a little more trendy than ceramic tile.  This is the tile that we will install after a new backer board is installed.  This will be our first tile install and I am a tad nervous.

Source: lowes.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

This is what the fireplace currently looks like.

I have been shopping around online for a rug in the family room and knew that I wanted a gray Moroccan or trellis design, but I did not want to spend a lot of moola.  The kids and I ran into Garden Ridge to look at the rugs and I was beyond ecstatic that I found a rug that fits the bill.  I scored this 8x10 rug for $99 and it is going to complement the fireplace tile beautifully.

 In other news we also have to replace part of our window.  We tried to do it ourselves, but we just made it worse so new glass has been ordered.  Wyatt was trying to perfect his golf swing and now there is a ban on all golf balls.

Dino World

On the way home we stopped at Dinosaur World at the Cave City exit in Kentucky.  The kids always talk about how they want to go there and we went.  It is not worth the money and my mission in life is to never return.  Luke was terrified of the fiberglass beasts and he was the main reason why we went as he was absent from the first trip.  Our first trip was four years ago when I was as big as a dino just weeks away from Luke's arrival. 

  The Fossil Dig


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