Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kitchen Pulls

Remember when I shared my cabinet pull purchase?  After searching four local hardware stores for a template we ended up empty handed.  We were able to pick one up at Ikea while in Atlanta (love Ikea).  Matt installed the new pulls before we painted so the finish on the cabinet will not be compromised. This is my first time to have cabinet hardware and I like it! The floor project is setting the kitchen timeline back a bit, but hopefully not too much. 

Every day I set out cups for the kids that they use throughout the day.  For some reason my husband is the only one who used twenty cups a day.  Ok, I am exaggerating just a bit...


  1. Love Ikea. We have pulls like this in the kitchen. I love them but have had a few bruised hips from walking into them.

  2. Your pulls were my inspiration! I have also bruised a hip or too (ouch)!



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