Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

Since bedrooms seem to be the theme this month I thought that I would end the month with a little update of the master bedroom.  Last year I started a little gallery wall on one narrow wall and decided to move it to a larger space when I purchased a set of matching frames from Ikea last month.  I chose the Virserum (the same line as the two above my bed) to keep things matchy-matchy.  

My inspiration for silhouettes in the bedroom? My real life bff, LaNae.  
Here is her lovely vignette.

I had the inspiration, but not the expertise in photoshop, but Samantha came to my rescue with her tutorial that does not use photoshop!

For a fun spin on the traditional silhouettes I did mine in yellow.  I am on the hunt for a vintage number 5 for that little blank corner, bur overall I am pleased with the new addition of color and interest.

I Love Us and Monogram sources.


  1. I love the way it turned out, a "five" will be the perfect last touch!

  2. I think that we need to shop for one!

  3. I am DYING! Those silhouettes turned out amazing! Now I want to make ones like yours!! Great job Stephanie! :) Samantha



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