Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little bit of Spring

I found these fabulous eggs and nests at Target for $5 and they were just what I needed for this accent table. The tray is painted with my Laura Ashley Sky Blue 2 paint that I received through the Valspar FB promo, I love this color and I think that will be the powder room color. I found the tray in the One Spot at Target, but it was $2.50 (go figure). This is our mail and key spot. I always have some sort of container and for the last 8.5 years this has worked. I usually sort mail once a week and most of it goes in the recycle bin.

And here is a shot of the kids eating their FAVORITE powdered donuts on a velvet blanket. My Dad would have a heart attack!



  1. I love the little eggs, Steph! What a great idea. We did the same thing with the kids when they were younger- a blanket underneath them while they watched a movie- it was a quick cleanup, especially with popcorn!

  2. Well, it is the only way that this cream carpet is going to survive the three amigos! Popcorn is so messy!



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