Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Home Goals

I love goal setting and making lists.  There is always a running list on my kitchen chalkboard for the day to day stuff, but when it comes to home improvement I keep that one on my Goals page.  Matt and I get together and come up with what we hope to accomplish in the next year.  Although we create the list together that does not mean that we are always in agreement on the timeline.  He has been known to hijack the list, but they have always been to my advantage (the laminate flooring for one).  This year I divided the list into Need, Want, and Dream.  The dream category is my favorite!  Before we can tackle that list there are three projects that are Top Priority and must be completed first.  

Add the base board to the kitchen island.  We need to rent a saw and that has held us up.  Doesn't it look nice though?

Add quarter round and inevitably have to repaint the baseboards to the entire first floor. 

Get that cable rerouted!

So there are my lofty goals.  Aside from the home goals I am in the process of trying to preserve family memories i.e. downloading four years of pictures onto disks and working on our family photo books for *cough*cough* 2011 and 2012.  Happy goal setting to you!

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