Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

We had a lovely day yesterday!  I was lucky enough to have my whole family for the day.  Most Mother's Days Matt has worked,  so this was a treat!  My family joined us later in the day for tacos.  Matt made a yummy Mexican rice and I made homemade sweet corn casserole. I was disappointed that there are not any leftovers!  Michael and Amanda made cheesy potatoes similar to the ones at Taco Bell, but better.  

Love homemade gifts!  This is the highlight of my day!

Madeline made a bread warmer, which we used last night to keep the tortillas warm.  
See her little finger prints? Precious!

Luke made the flowers in church this week and Wyatt presented me with Love Coupons and flower magnet of the cutest second grader I know!  My boys are so sweet!

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