Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hoop Love


Back in 2010 I added fabric filled hoops to my "sewing room" and they remained there during the playroom revamp. We recently repainted the playroom and added functional storage in that space. I would love to reveal the new look, but that would require taking pictures!  It did not take me long to decide where the hoops new home would be when I browsed my pin boards and saw these:


Madeline had the perfect wall for the hoops!

  I did not even swap out the fabric.  I love how all the red highlights the red in her bedding.  The picture below is a true representation of the paint color.

And another angle, because one is not enough.

Fall Leaves


Our trees are now bare, but a few weeks ago Matt and the kids raked what little we had and played "sleeping zombie" for what seemed like hours!  I took this opportunity to play with my camera, which has been collecting dust. I am a little rusty!


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