Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Traditions

We love to visit the Children's Museum during their Jolly Days.  A sweet married couple always plays Santa and Mrs. Claus and we specifically go to see them.  All three kids visited Santa without trepidation, but Madeline would not tell him what she wanted.  She has told me what she wants us to buy and Santa can surprise her.  Wyatt asked for chapter books and Luke wants a train.  

I love that Madeline is so happy and Luke is like "Get me out of here!"

Although the kiddos love the Christmas activities they spent most if their time in the Hot Wheel exhibit.  We had to drag the kids out of there!

Madeline loves to draw and color more than any child I know.  She waited so patiently for her turn at this tracing station when a girl who had not patiently waited swooped in and sat down. Madeline was crushed.  I told her to tell the girl that it was her turn.  My shy girl said nothing, but the girl had heard me and moved on.  Teaching Madeline to stand up for herself will be hard because I have the same problem, but we are working on it!

 Here she is designing her car!  I am wondering now if something like this is available to purchase. She would love it!

We ended the evening with a trip through downtown and around the circle.  That is a tradition that I have done as a small child as I am sure every Indy does!  How can you not see the "largest" Christmas tree?!  Today we are baking our first batch of cookies.  What traditions are you partaking in this weekend?

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