Sunday, September 29, 2013


 So I told you that I started working.  I love/loathe working full time. I was a full time stay at home mommy for seven years and now I am working out of the home 180 days a year for 8 hours a day. This has been a big change for the whole family!  

The pros:  I love feeling productive, and have been so active that I lost the stubborn ten pounds gained when I stopped nursing Luke four years ago, and additional funds are always a plus! 

The cons: I feel too busy to really do much other than get ready for the next day,  let alone deep clean, decorate, or blog. Note that I said "feel".  I do have free time, but it does not feel like a large enough chunk to get too much accomplished. Matt has really stepped up with laundry and dishes and that has helped tremendously! I never cook on Friday and that really gets my weekend off to a good start.  We have had time to squeeze in little projects here and there, mostly because my sweetie husband gets them done on his days off while we are at school.  

Here are some shots of the kids and I a couple of weeks ago. These kids are growing up fast and I have noticed that I am not taking as many pictures as I used too.  And yes, I noticed all the new wrinkles on my face.

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