Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Room Redo- Cheap

I have had a red family room for the last 9 years and I am itching for a change! Decorating is not my thing, but I do want a new look for when we move. I am keeping my existing furniture, but I covered the red chair with a chocolate brown faux suede slipcover so now my colors are green and brown. I also added chocolate brown lampshades. So far I have spent $62.50. I picked up these fabulous fabrics 40% off and I covered the ottoman in the floral and I making pillows with the check and floral. $53.00 for all the fabric and trim. The new family room is a dark color (see picture above) and I am thinking of pulling the darker blue or the green from the floral for the walls. My family room opens to the eat-in kitchen and I will use the same blue or green in the kitchen. Some of my walls are the creamy background color (see kitchen picture below),so I think that it will all blend nicely.

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