Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

For some reason we are bypassing my to do list to paint the kitchen and family room which open into each other.  Here is our floor plan so you can see.

We decided on a green color because it will complement our furniture and I loved the green in my friend LaNae's home. I do not think she minds because she switched over to a beautiful blue.

Picking the right shade of green has been so difficult and I still do not know if we have the right one! We have been to Sherwin Williams, Lowes, Ace, and  Home Depot. The first sample, Leaf Bud by Valspar was too neon. The next one we tried was Willow by Valpsar and it was too minty. 


Added samples are the bottom two. Behr Corn Husk Green and Grass Cloth.  The darker one is Grass Cloth and I like it, but it is a tad dark and the Corn Husk is a little too yellow and bright. I have debated this for days and I think that the Grass Cloth would be perfect if I have the strength reduced

I will admit that I am so scared to paint, but the indecision and green zebra walls are killing me! Here is a picture of the column and a little on the family room wall.  Wish me good luck!


  1. I like the green one on the bottom of the column! Good luck:)

  2. Thanks Hall. I think that we have decided to go with the Grass Cloth which is that color... I think. It all got a little confusing!

  3. I love the bottom one on the column as well!



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