Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tea Party Time

It all started with the concept of a tea party that both girls and boys would enjoy since Madeline has more boy friends than girls.  I found some free images online and created our own invitation.

Earlier that morning Madeline received her first American Girl doll and they are inseparable.

Posing in their matching outfits

Madeline has named all of her dolls and this one is "Addie"

Paper bunting

Tea Party

The kids decorated their own tea "mug"

Matching party hats for the both the guest and their "friend"

Luke and Mickey

Ethan and Lucas are the sweetest boys ever! Lucas tells everyone that Madeline is his girlfriend!

Mini Desserts courtesy of Sam's Club.

Wyatt, Isaiah, and Nathan. Someone was too interested in his dessert to smile...

Photo timeline banner

Evie stacked the most sugar cubes. No one said that you could not have more than one stack!

Madeline working hard on hers!

Madeline blowing out the candle. She is a tad dramatic (gets it from her mom)
The party was a lot of fun and we all had a great time hanging out with our friends and family. Madeline talked of nothing else today so in my eyes the party was a success!


  1. Great party! Happy Birthday- what a cute girl and adorable idea. I love the matching party hats for the guest and their little friends :)

  2. just found you...i fell in love with the little green glass bird that you have on your mantle. i NEED one!!! where can i find one? please do tell! oh, and your kitchen paint....fantastically fabulous. can't wait to see it with those java cabinets!

  3. The little glass bird is a tea light holder that I found at Big Lots a year and a half ago. If I see another I will let you know!

    Thank you Samantha, you are always so sweet!

  4. Birthday celebrations and tea party are a perfect combination. My sister is planning a birthday party for her husband at one of the glamorous venue New York next month. Hope her efforts will be appreciated and he feels special after getting such good surprises.



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