Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Using a Paint Sprayer

Yesterday I mentioned that Matt sprayed the laundry room doors with a paint sprayer.  There are two entry doors and a pair louvered doors in that small room.  I had hand painted all of the doors on our first floor and put my foot down on the louvered ones and that is where the paint sprayer comes in.  The sprayer is fast and the finish is amazing.  No brush strokes on these doors.  We did purchase a fine finish tip and new guard and that set us back a little over $50, but well worth the investment.  This is the sprayer that we purchased.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Matt constructed a paint booth in our garage that worked well.  We used drop cloths for the floor and plastic for the ceiling and sides.  Chip clips and binder clips were used to seal the entrance.  We are very sophisticated over here.  We were unaware that the force of the sprayer would move the plastic and it stuck to one of the doors. This information will come in handy for next time.  Other than a flushing out incident this was painless.  Paint sprayers do use more paint, but again the results and time saved are worth the cost.

While I was "supervising" Matt, Luke decided that he needed a snack.  He gets points for picking a fruit, but I am not sure about the mess.  Poor kid can not reach the bowls. 

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