Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wanted: Little Table...Found

I reworked my living room and was on the search for a little table that was not going to break the bank.  I was impulse shopping at Goodwill and was shocked to see "the" perfect table!  The table had the manufactures sticker and indicated that the table was from Target 2011.  I did a little research and found that it retailed for $79.  Goodwill had this marked for $39.99 (the prices have definitely gone up at GW), but if you have their shopper rewards card you can save 10%!

Although it was pretty as is I was envisioning something "beachy" to go with my coastal inspired room.  I used some leftover gray paint from my bedroom and  a sanding block to distress.  I shopped my house for accessories so this was easy on the wallet.  


  1. You've been busy! Your laundry room looks great- that rug is my favorite. And the living room is beautiful, great color choice for the table.
    :) Samantha

  2. Phew, I know it! I love walking through my laundry room now! Thanks for complimenting, I mean commenting ;)



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