Saturday, November 10, 2012

DIY Grump

Yesterday I had the lovely task of emptying all the kitchen cabinets and then the tedious task of sanding, vacuuming, and cleaning the cabinet boxes.  It took hours people.  I was the BIGGEST grump ever last night and went to bed at nine.  I knew that this was not going to be easy and I am trying to stay sane.  Right now all of the contents are in three different areas.  Making dinner last night was a joy.  Actually, my poor kids ate sandwiches and cereal in front of the television.  They should have a series called, "The Real Kids of DIY".  On a positive note, I am going to put all of my stuff back in clean cabinets and I am one step closer to my painted kitchen cabinets! Which, I changed the color... again.  More on that later, for now enjoy my stuff strewn all over the house.

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