Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Fix a Scratch in Laminate Flooring

Back in July we installed laminate flooring throughout the downstairs.  We have yet to install the quarter round and that is why I haven't posted a full "reveal", but I did show you a little here and here.  Although durable and kid friendly life happens and things get dropped and we have had a few nicks and scratches.  The other day I was dust mopping in the living room and came across the deepest scratch yet.  A couple of months ago Matt came up with a solution that has worked and I am going to share our secret... a Crayola crayon!  In the past I have used markers on furniture, but the crayon works better because the wax fills in the gap rather than just coloring it.  

Step One:
Locate scratch and yell at every family member.

Step Two:
Find a matching crayon. I prefer Crayola.

Step Three:
Fill scratch in with crayon wax.

Step Four:
Buff with paper towel and you are done!

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