Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decorating for $2.50 or Less

I would rather shop for home decor than clothes and nothing gets my heart pumping than a good deal.  I have tried to refrain from the owl trend, but I could not resist when I saw this guy for $2.50 at Target and I did not even have to paint him! 

We are still working on the floors so here is an "in progress" shot of the dining room.  Quarter round has not been installed and it is possible that things are going to remain in this state for quite awhile, but don't those floors look marvelous?!

I was inspired by Emily Clark's rope decor and headed off to Lowe's.  
You can not beat 50 cents a foot.  I used two feet for each hurricane so the total was $2.00.

Here is my version:

The boxwood monogram was 80% off at Hobby Lobby.  
I paid $1.59 and thought that it was worth every penny.

San Pellegrino water.  I think that it is an unwritten blog rule that you must have at least one room displaying bottles of Pellegrino.  These glass versions were only $1.69 at Meijer.
The tray was a GW find for $1.99 that I painted and the olive tray was a steep markdown at Target for 76 cents. 

What are some great finds that you have scored for $2.50 or less?
Comment and add a link!



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