Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Accident

Tuesday Wyatt was hit by a car while riding his bike or Wyatt hit a car while riding his bike.  Either way it was scary.  Other than a small bump on the head and a bruised and cut ankle he is fine.  We believe that his helmet and most importantly Jesus protected this tough guy.  What we have learned from this experience is that you can tell your kids a thousand times to look both ways, but in an instant that can be forgotten, I will always drive s l o w in neighborhoods, and my children will ALWAYS where a proper fitting helmet no matter how much they protest.  Yesterday I purchased a better fitting one for Luke and a new one for Wyatt as his was compromised from the accident.

This is the helmet that Wyatt begged me not to wear before his bike ride.  I am so thankful that I did not give in.  In the past our local children's hospital gives these away at Target Family Nights at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  Not only is your child given a helmet, experts make sure that the helmet is a proper fit.  According to IU Health wearing a properly-fitted bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85%, though only 20-25% of children under the age of 14 wear them. 

Be safe!


  1. Glad he is okay! Riley hospital has a safety shop and sell them for $5.00 and fit them to your child:)

  2. Great information Jennifer! Thank you for sharing!

  3. That is so scary! I am glad he had his helmet on. We do a little battle before each bike ride about helmets. I am like you- 'no helmet, no riding'. Your experience goes to show exactly why it is essential to wear a helmet. God is good! So happy Wyatt walked away unharmed!



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