Saturday, August 4, 2012

Work in Progress

We survived the first three days of school and now it is the weekend. My husband works a retail job where he works more weekends than not and this is not our most productive time. Projects are left for the next day off and this is the current state of my house:

Dining room sans carpet waiting for new flooring.

Fireplace with new backer board. Tile coming soon. Oh, a peek at the new flooring!  
I am loving it.  

The nook is finished, but the kitchen still has linoleum.  We are getting there!  

 While in the dining room I had a revelation.  The curtains have always bothered me in this room because the rod is so close to the moulding.  These are 95" panels already and I did not want to fork over the dough for longer ones or ask hubby to move the rod.  For some reason I had him install the brackets right next to the window and my curtains were squished.  All I did was move the rods out a bit on each side and covered the bracket with the curtain. Duh! The windows appear wider and not so squished.  


  1. The curtains look great and I love your new floor.

  2. Thanks LaNae! I can not wait to see your floors!!!

  3. If you did decide to move the curtain rods higher/wider, I see a lot of bloggers sew some extra fabric too the bottom of curtains that are otherwise too short. (Similar to this picture I found on the internet: Keep up the good work!

  4. Vivian that is a great idea! If I can convince hubby to move the rod I will do just that!



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