Monday, August 27, 2012

Chalkboard Napkin Rings

Saturday the kids and I went to a nearby garage sale looking for treasures.  I was hoping to find a huge mirror to lean in my dining room, but no such luck.  I did walk away with a dozen wood napkin rings for a dollar.  I knew that these would soon be transformed to chalkboard napkin rings that I spied on Pinterest.

My Home Life's used Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint and there are two reasons why you want to use this paint.  One, it is inexpensive and two, it comes in COLORS!  I chose gray.  This 6 oz paint goes a long was at only $5.99 a bottle at Michael's or with a coupon $3.84 after tax.  For less than five dollars and few hours you can have customizable napkin rings.

DIY Chalkboard Napkin Rings

1.   Wood napkin rings. I see these all the time at Goodwill.
2.   Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint. Don't forget your coupon!
3.   I found that this narrow brush made the painting easy.
4.  The paint needs an hour to dry in between two coats. No priming needed!
5.  Personalize and enjoy your new napkin rings!



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