Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 Edition

We dyed eggs on Saturday.  This year we glammed them up with glitter!  Throughout the week we have counted down with out Resurrection Eggs and on Easter Sunday we ate Resurrection Rolls for breakfast. Luke was a little confused because he kept calling the marshmallow "baby Jesus", but perfect for the bigger kids.  Wyatt has really been listening in Sunday school and he was able to add to the story this year.

Here are the kids on Easter Sunday.  I struggled with the pictures.  Let's just say that not everybody was  on board.  I made Madeline's outfit per tradition. The boys are wearing seersucker. Nothing says Easter better than seersucker!

After  church we had our Easter egg hunt.  This year the Balls joined us.  It is amazing that it only takes a few minutes for five kids to find over a hundred eggs!

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