Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Post

My plant shelf has looked like this since January.  I actually do not notice it until someone asks me about it. I plan on removing the foam rockets and hiding the launchers.  

My sweet sis, who is currently working in Malta with her family sent me b-day money with the instruction to buy something at Target.  This is what I picked out! LOVE them.

What is this? Quarter round for my naked baseboards! I am so excited!!! We had to buy 240 feet and I did save the rest of my b-day money for this because I am a girl that gets more giddy over trim than shoes!

My sweet, sweet girl in a dress that I scored for $3.99! What a deal!  This was what she wore for the Spring pictures at school that I never buy because they are so pricey.  I have a feeling I may cave this time!


  1. Hee hee....sorry about the foam rockets!

  2. The foam rockets crack me up. :) Have Maddie wear that dress for your Spring Family pictures. ;) Or we can shoot some of her in the dress separately and they'd be free vs. school pictures. Silly Steph.



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