Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Highlights

Well, the kids are asleep which is a miracle due to the amount of sugar they consumed today! This morning started off with Resurrection Rolls, which were a big hit in my book and will become an Easter morning tradition.

60 second photo session before church:

A yummy easter dinner with my family and there are no photos of that because I was the cook and I did not have time. We also had to have our egg hunt indoors, but it was fun! I can not believe that my husband hid 50 eggs in only two rooms of our house. He was VERY creative. Again, no pictures. Sometimes life is happening so fast that I am in the moment and the camera does not make it and I am ok with that. Overall, best Easter ever!


  1. Michael took some pictures of your egg hunt so we'll send them your way. :]

    Thanks for having us over on our way out of town!



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