Sunday, April 10, 2011

Master Bedroom

I am slowly adding rooms to my "home tour" and came across these photos taken after the Ikea trip. I did find an awesome blue and white striped pillow with floral embroidery at Kohls which looks fab on the bed, but I have not taken a photo yet. The striped pillow seen in the picture is now on the rocking chair. The paint color is Gravity from Lowes and can look gray or blue depending on the time of day. I would love to add curtains to the windows, a mirror above the dresser, and art above the bed. I have also thought about painting the rocking chair red. The rocking chair landed here by necessity because there was no other place, but I have found that it is great for storing the pillows at night.

Oh, and don't make fun of my money jar. That is our retirement fund. No, really.

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