Friday, April 22, 2011

I surrender!

This has been one looooong week. Wyatt missed school Monday and Tuesday because he was sick and needed a trip to the doctor which resulted in a $45 co-pay and two medications. I have felt horrible and had the same symptoms, but I thought Mommy will power would prevail and I would get better, well, it did not. So, after paying another $45 co-pay and one medication I am on the mend. I seriously have not felt this bad in many years. The only reason I have been to the doctor in the last 7 years is because I have been pregnant. You should have seen me in the clinic with three kids, past their lunch time, Madeline was in Christmas pajamas.... I am laughing as I type, but at the time I was horrified, but wanted the drugs so bad that I refused to leave. The good news is that I already feel better. The bad news is that Easter is in two days and I have not grocery shopped, dyed eggs, got basket candy, I need Easter dinner, Wyatt has soccer tomorrow.... the list is endless, but if my life were not crazy would it be as much fun?!

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