Saturday, June 8, 2013

Class of 2013

Today was my baby brother's high school graduation! He is an amazing young man and he has worked super hard in high school! Josh was awarded 10,000 in scholarships and is planning to use that dough toward an education in journalism at my alma mater IUPUI.  Here are a few pics from today.

The Penney Crew and the Graduate

The proud mom!  Josh was the last one to graduate.
She has had children in school for the past 30 years!

Josh and me.  He was one at my high school graduation...

Olivia acting nutty

Michael and Amanda

Josh and his girlfriend Bre

Chelley and her family are still in Malta and she was the only sibling missing, but we texted her throughout and I was able to send her a video clip of Josh receiving his diploma.  Apparently she had to view it upside down... oops!

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