Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Garden {2013}

Early 2013 Garden

Last year was my first attempt at gardening and I would say that it was pretty successful despite the drought and animal invasions.  This year I have added spinach and roma tomatoes to the line up.  Last year we did not get to eat one strawberry because the rabbits beat us to them, but the plant spread and has yield enough to share.  We have picked about two pounds so far and they are so yummy!

Strawberry Plant

This is a picture of our second round of picking.  And no editing! These are that vibrant in real life!

Near the garden we have a few pine trees and Matt was startled one day when he discovered a nesting duck while mowing the lawn.  There are six eggs.  Madeline named the mama duck Ella.

Ella covers the nest when she leaves. 

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