Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a week!

My kids had the best week ever! Birthday party on Tuesday, zoo play date on Wednesday, pool play date on Thursday, and Toy Story 3 on Friday!!! In the midst of this week Luke and Madeline got nasty fevers and Luke has an annoying persistent cough that I had a few weeks ago.

I have been working on the chairs for about ten minuets a day- LOL. I have all the piping finished and today I hope to get some of the sewing pieces finished. I am just doing a little at a time because there is no rush.

I am going to be painting the master bath this week in a darker shade of gray than our bedroom and I am on the mission for new towel holders. We have one lousy towel bar and it is just not working and some new towels!!! Matt and I will be celebrating 8 years this week and we are still using towels that we received as wedding gifts! Time to move on... with new towels that is!

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