Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vacation Crafting

I took a break from sewing the last week and did some crafting instead! I bought some PB knock off candle holders and some beachy candles to adorn my piano. I was not thinking of a beach theme for this room, but my canvas of the kids lead me in that direction. I loved this silhouette plate idea from Danny Seo and decided that was what was needed on that blank wall. This craft only cost $10. I think that is quirky and fun and I love it!

Here is my version of the costal inspired rag wreath found here. This was easy and only cost me $4.10 for the wreath and I used fabrics that I already had.
I am on a man hunt for some apothecary jars for the console table and some jute balls for the wire basket on the piano and I think that this room is done!




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