Monday, January 24, 2011

What is your worth?

This past weekend the family went sectional shopping to finalize our decision and when we found the "one" we decided to finance it with a great 0% interest deal. It will really be ours next year (ha, ha). Now I know that I said that we were going to pay cash, but after looking and looking we realize that leather sectionals were a lot more than we thought. The problem with saving for me is that something will always come up and I like the idea of making payments. This will force me to pay for it each month, kind of like my car, so that is what we did. It will not arrive until the end of April. The application asked for my occupation and Matt wrote "sahm". The salesperson apparently did not know what that meant and asked for my yearly income. When I explained what "sahm" meant she asked her co-worker what she should put for income and he replied "one dollar". So according to them I am worth $1 a year. I know that my worth is much more than that and it can not be measured in dollars and cents. I am watching my kids grow in every sense, every day and my reward is looking in my rear view mirror and seeing my younger kids spontaneously hold hands on the ride home. Priceless!


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