Monday, July 11, 2011

Doll Clothes Storage for under $5

I have talked before about Madeline's "friends",  Maisy and Stacy. Well, Maisy and Stacy have a little bit of a clothes problem! There are too many to fit into their wardrobe so I needed an inexpensive solution to corral all their stuff. 

Here is what we had before.

I decided to try a spring tension curtain rod going the depth of the closet and it works great! Here is a great way to store your 18 inch doll clothes without using a lot of money or space! I used Command hooks for the accessories and the shoe racks came with doll shoes from Target that were purchased on clearance. I got the second shoe rack from a friend who did not need it. 


  1. I have been utilizing tension rods also. I don't have an actual "laundry room" so I had been proudly displaying all of my non-dry clothing by draping them all over the dining room table and furniture to dry them. Not very decor I use a tension rod between a doorway and hang the clothing up to dry...when they're dry I take the rod down. Now I don't have wet laundry all over my table and furniture!

  2. Lydia, That is a great idea! Tension rods rock!



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