Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Spy Aqua

Last month I grabbed a can of Rust-oleum's Aqua for $3.47 and decided to "shop my house" for victims.   

Madeline had a sweet little chair that was in need of a face lift.

I had a distressed cream bowl that just wasn't doing anything for me.
 I love this pop of color in this neutral room

The green vases just blended in, but now they stand out!

I used a toothbrush with a Silver Leaf Rub N Buff to add a little oomph to these aqua beauties. I loved the idea of changing my decor with just one little can and an hour of my time. Instant gratification and easy on the budget.

What can you transform in your home?


  1. The aqua vases are stunning! Wow! What a difference a little can of spray paint makes! And, I've never heard of RND. That's next on my shopping list. I spray paint everything that isn't breathing!

    A perfect pop of color on the rocking chair! And Ryleigh has that same rug in her room! Love it! lol

  2. I love that rug! It was a perfect match to Madeline's toddle bedding. You can find the Rub N Buff at Hobby Lobby. It will be your new addiction!



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