Friday, September 9, 2011

Home Wrecker

Wyatt came home with this paper today.  It looks to me like it says, "My mom is a home wrecker".  I read this aloud and Wyatt said in his annoyed voice, "homemaker".  Now I know for a fact that his teacher told him to write this when he said, "My mom does not have a job".  Ha! Are you crazy?!?! Also I despise the label of homemaker, housewife, domestic dive, etc  How about mom and wife. Why is stay at home mom not the norm and I feel that I have to interject that I do have a college degree and I did have a "real" job, but I am putting things on hold to be a..... homemaker?

Moving on, I do think that it is funny that his illustration shows me doing laundry and Wyatt sitting on the couch watching tv. At least it is accurate. Matt's illustration is cute too. Matt works at Lowes and he is wearing the red vest taking money from a customer with a shopping cart. I do not know where daddy's pants are. I hope he wears them at work.


  1. Ahh-dorable! Power to Moms everywhere!!! Much better than being a 'home wrecker' :) :)



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