Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down on Kelsay Farms

The lovely ladies of Two Maids a Milking invited my family to be guests at the family farm, Kelsay Farms here in Whiteland, In. We went last night and it was the most fall fun that I have had in a loooong time! There was so much to do and the kids did not want to leave. The kids favorites were the "corn crib" and the straw bale mountain. If these two things were in our backyard I would never have to buy a toy again. Ever.  Matt and I enjoyed the five acre corn maze in the dark.  Walking through the corn was a little spooky (we had flashlights) and the kids were a little scared... ok, Luke and Madeline were sobbing so I had to hightail it out of there pulling them in a little red wagon (complimentary) with heeled boots (these were inappropriate footwear by the way).  If you are interested in visiting the farm their website has info on discounted tickets and the FB page has had links to discounts in the past too.

Madeline loved finding the corn and decided that they would be souveniers!

Moo Choo Express

Wyatt the dairy farmer

Wyatt's new "pose"... nice

Daddy and Luke

Pumpkin bowling. That is a real bowling ball... no wonder Luke could not pick it up!

21 day old calf.  I want one!

The corn crib

Daddy's girl

Beautiful sunset!

This is where I found Luke when I ran upstairs to get his pjs. The farm wore him out!


  1. That calf looked mighty tasty... mmm steak

  2. Looks like so much fun, great pictures!! I can't wait to go!

  3. What a fun day. Your pictures are beautiful- so is your family!
    :) crafty texas girls

  4. Looks like fun! Maybe I should take the girls there!



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