Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Winner, Napper, and a Mr. and Mrs.

  What a crazy title, right?! Well, you will understand by the end of this post.  I bought a Monopoly game for $5 last week and we decided to break it out and play. It took three nights and several hours to finish one game, but it was fun and Wyatt was the big winner. By the end of the game he had all the money and properties. He owned all the railroads and I promise I hit them at least twice each loop. Forget Boardwalk, get the railroads!

The Napper
Here is a picture of my sweet baby. We could not get him to wake up! Of course it was after 5 and he was up until 11!

Mr. and Mrs.

A lot of Mr. & Mrs. love out there on Pinterest and I thought that is just what I need as a filler for my frames in the master bedroom. I like the girly font and the "manly" font.  I had some dollar store photo paper and with PSE I had these in my frames in less than 10 minutes!

I printed them on 8.5X11 paper and cut to size. Here are the images if you are interested. 
Mr. and Mrs. downloads.

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