Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Toys!

I bought a few new cooking toys in an effort to make healthier choices for my family.


Flat Whisk:  
I needed a silicone whisk for my new cookware and I needed a flat one for gravy.  The Pioneer Woman uses hers all the time.  I could not find one at my usual shopping grounds so I purchased this here.

Apple Corer:  
I already have an apple corer and slicer, but I needed this one to make these goodies.

Norpro Ice Pop Makers:  
I first saw these on Lisa Leakes's blog and her review was enough for me to submit my order.  I love reusable products.  They are a lot bigger than you think too. I am so excited to try these out.

Wilton Mini Donut Pan:
 Special breakfast treats on the weekend would usually consist of either Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls or powdered mini donuts.  I decided that making donuts would be better than buying and I grabbed this pan today at Meijer for $4.99. Half off! I did a happy dance in the aisle.  Tomorrow morning we are going to try this recipe.


  1. I'm gonna have to get that Popsicle toy:)

  2. I will let you know if we LOVE them!



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