Wednesday, February 20, 2013

.99 Charging Station

What can .99 at Goodwill get you?  A nifty tray turned charging station.  My son bought an iPod for his birthday and that meant that my ceramic egg crate was not big enough for three devices.  I knew that this tray was meant to be!  The tray was a little scratched and worn.  I originally thought that I was going to paint it, but then I fell in love with its' warm tone.

A realtor gave me a great tip for worn wood- Scott's Liquid Gold!  Rub and buff a little of this stuff on wood and you will realize why it is called liquid gold.

What a beauty!

Here she is in her new home.  Matt is going to swap out that outlet with a USB wall plate in the future. Until then we will fight over the outlet.

I love this little tray! It looks great and it's functional. Win-Win!

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