Monday, February 11, 2013

Framed Chalkboard Wall

Awhile back I saw this pin and was immediately obsessed with the desire for an over sized chalkboard.  


My search ended a week ago when I came across a five foot leaner mirror at Home Depot for $34 dollars.  The mirror was cracked and I asked for a discount.  I walked away with the mirror for $20 plus tax and spent $10 on the chalkboard paint. Little dough for big impact! 

 This is how I created my framed chalkboard wall:

1.  Find a great deal on a mirror!

2. Safely remove and dispose of mirror.

3. Prime and paint the frame.  I used a sample from my stash that is a lighter shade than my powder and laundry room.  Easy coordination!  We hung the frame on studs and made sure that it was level.

4. Painted three coats of Rust-oleum Chalkboard Paint with a foam roller and waited the three days before priming and writing on the wall (so hard to wait).

5.  Here is the final product- all nice and clean.

6.  Here it is in action! My little brother turned 18... boy I feel old!

Edited to add these additions:


  1. It looks great, I am happy you finally got your big chalkboard!

  2. Your blog is so inspiring to me that I just thought I'd mention you in a blog-along award 2Inspiring Bloggers Award" because I don't think you get told enough how inspiring your posts are!



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