Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bye, Bye, Brass aka Exterior Light Makeover

I am so excited that we have new exterior lights.  Last month I was web shopping for some fixtures and here were my original choices.  We decided to check Menards and found these lights for $29.99 a pair with a ten dollar rebate making them $19.99 before tax!  I love the black finish and seeded glass.

We did not find a great deal on a porch light so I decided that I would try my hand at painting the existing one.  

Here is the before:

I did a light sanding before using spray metal primer.


I used nails poked through the styrofoam to hold the little parts. 
Notice the paint dissolved some of the styrofoam- weird.

Several light coats of satin black paint. Remember to put a paper towel in the socket.

Voila- "new" light fixture! And the best part of this project was that I installed the porch fixture all by myself! I was so scared that I did not turn off the right breaker that I turned them all off *blush*, but I did  it! 

 I already had the paint and primer on hand, but we had to purchase some different screws making the total cost of this project was $22.45. For that price I am happy to scratch this project off my list!

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