Monday, January 9, 2012

Lego and AG Doll Storage

Two organizational projects that I completed before Christmas was Legos and 18" Doll Accessories.  We have both coming out our ears.  I really loved this Lego storage, but the $100 price tag was not in my budget. I wanted to utilize some book shelves that we already had and decided to use shoe storage boxes for only $16.  I had purchased over 1600 Legos bricks for Christmas and knew we needed a better storage system.

The last tote holds all instructions and our brick separator.
If you do not have that... run to the Lego Store and get one!

Current project boxes

I did not feel that labels were necessary as you can see the different colors and two out of my three kids do not read.

My next project was tackling all of Madeline's doll accessories. Her dolls have totally taken over half of her closet.  I purchased a hanging shoe bag for $8, cut to size and screwed it into the closet. I did hit one stud (on accident of course).  Everything is organized and she does a great job of cleaning up her doll stuff now that there is a place for everything.

The hanging clothes rack is a tension rod. Who says doll storage has to be expensive?!


  1. Two things. First- your doll's closet rocks! Every girl/and or doll should be so lucky. Second- I am so excited about your new sewing project. I think it is amazing that you are going to sew a fabulous dress for yourself. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    :) Samantha

  2. Thanks Samantha! We love playing dolls. I am excited about the dress too. Thanks for your support!



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