Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bye Bye Purple

Remember the purple powder room?  Oh, you forgot?  Here is a reminder:

Oh, I know that there are no cabinet doors. It has been that way since August when hubby decided to prime the doors and leave it.  Luke has been potty trained for MONTHS that is how old this pictures is!   I posted my ideas for this room back in November, and we are really close to accomplishing it!  

This is what the room looks like today:

I have to say that I like the primed walls a lot better than the purple.
We have already painted the trim and patched the walls for the new decorative hardware.  

This is the hardware that I found at Lowes:

The cost of these at Lowes was going to be $59 after tax, but I found the exact ones on Amazon for $23.78 shipped!  It pays to research before buying!

The original light fixture that I picked out was a little more fussy than I wanted. I decided that I wanted a single sconce and this is what we went with.  The price is much better too at $17.98.

I have picked out a paint color.  Valspar's Glass Tile. 

I still have not picked out the cabinet color... but I am getting there, eventually!

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