Saturday, February 4, 2012

Working with What You Have

I love my laundry room. It is wide, functional, and if you saw my laundry room in my previous home you would understand why I love this one so much!  It is on the first floor, but really that works well because I can only fold clothes if I am watching TV.  A defect I know.  My laundry room is also the "mud room".  I always park in the garage (an agreement that hubby and I hashed out prior to moving in) and that is where we enter the house.  I do not think that I have used the front door. Ever. I do not even know which key it is. I usually get it by the third try. Getting to the point. I needed storage for book bags and coats as I described here.

I found these hooks at Lowes for $2.12 a piece.  This replaces the need of new dummy levers when we switch the brass out saving us twenty dollars.  The hooks hold up to 35 lbs when installed on wood. I installed these myself which involved a power drill and a drill bit.  I had to dig out the manual to figure out how to install the bit, but I did it and was drilling so well that I got little cocky on the last hole and broke the bit. Oops...

Here are the results:




I am so excited about the kids hanging up their own stuff!!! There is still a lot of work to do in here, but we are making progress.


  1. Love a girl that knows how to use a drill! You'll have to share this at "Cowgirl Up". It's a great example of making your space work for you. And that rug is pretty snazzy too!

  2. Thanks Samantha! I will CowGirl Up!

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  4. Great idea, I love the new look and it maximizes your space.

  5. Great idea, I love the new look and it maximizes your space.



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