Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Woes and Wows

Last Friday when I checked on my garden I noticed that a critter ate half of my plants! So far we have lost a whole tomato plant, sweet pepper, most of a broccoli, half of my carrots, and some ripe strawberries.  We have seen the culprit, a cute, furry rabbit.  I bought some Havahart animal repellent that cost $16 and was dismayed to wake up the next morning and see that the buffet was open again!  After a little research I decided that we need an enclosure and headed off to Lowes for some wire and bird netting.  This only cost $15 dollars and so far has worked at keeping our friend away. I have seen him the last two mornings, but he has hopped away empty handed.

Since we are on the subject of gardening here is my attempt at a container garden.  I have two of these on my porch.  I love the yellow ones!

Fields of corn is a familiar sight around here.  I love open, flat fields of growing corn.  This is what home looks like to me.  My mom would always say, "knee high by the fourth of July" when we would drive by and I hear myself telling my kids the same thing.  

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