Sunday, May 20, 2012

Strawberry Scones

I like to experiment on the weekends with breakfast foods especially now that I have eliminated Toaster Strudels and frozen french toast sticks.  My baked doughnut skills are slowly improving, but we still haven't reached the "perfect" donut that makes you forget about the bagged white powder ones.  This morning I made these scones.

The claim is that you can make these wheat strawberry scones in 30 minutes and you can!  The only modification that I made was substituting half the flour for unbleached white.  I am not a huge scone lover. I made Ree's awhile back and although my sister and her family loved them I did not.  For some reasons these hit the spot. Maybe it was the fruit?  I added whipped cream to ours.  My kids love watching me make whipped cream.  If you have not whipped your own you are missing out. 

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