Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Powder Room is FINISHED!

Do you know how happy I am to post this?!  It was 2 years ago this week that we signed our purchase agreement for this house and although we have accomplished a lot there was one room that was neglected.  The purple powder room, which ironically is the bathroom that is most used.  I have posted about this bathroom numerous times and I am sure you are sick of me talking about it.  

I passed these hand towels up last week, but they really compliment the prints and at $3.19 cents I could not pass them up. I can not believe how expensive hand towels can get!  The vase was a wedding present from my in-laws when they lived in Korea and I have been searching for perfect place for it and this is it!

Love, love my "new" cabinet! It changes the whole look of the room.

I found this fabulous Waverly print and frames at JoAnn's for a total cost of $25.00.  I did not want to just frame the fabric so I removed the glass and used satin Mod Podge to create a "canvas" look.  

Cost Breakdown:

Paint and supplies: $45
Framed Art: $25
Brushed Nickel Accessories: $43
Light: $17
Mirror: $10
Towels: $7

TOTAL: $147.00


We used Behr Premium Plus in Stealth Jet for the cabinet.


  1. Congrats!!! It looks great and you did it with an amazing budget. I think good things really do come to those who wait :)Samantha

  2. Thank you Samantha! It was worth the wait. The only thing I did was stay on budget. Matt did all the hard work!

  3. Yeah! Looks great:). Jennifer

  4. Found you via 'Better After'.

    Now THAT is proof of the power of paint! The floor looks much happier and is perfectly suited to your improvements. Bravo!

  5. Found you via Better After

    Looks great! I am so interested in the artwaork- Do you have a tutorial for this or helpful hints?


  6. Impressive! Can you tell me the brand and color paint you used on the cabinet?

  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing the brand and color of paint. That is exactly what I had in mind for my old dated bathroom. It's not purple but still in need of a face lift! I love this!

  8. Can you share how you went about doing the vanity? (Or did I miss the process somewhere else on here?) Did you just paint or did you sand off the finish first? I'd love to paint mine but don't want to mess it up either! :)

  9. what brand and color is your cabinet?

  10. LOVE, love your blog! and giving fabric a canvas kinda look is such a clever idea! definitely gonna give it a try
    I’d love it if you visit my log at and let me know what you think
    Happy blogging!

  11. What did you use to paint the interior of the cabinet. I love the idea and want to do the same.



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