Friday, May 13, 2011

Easy Peasy Name Art

I love "found" letter collages, but wanted an easy one for a wedding gift. I was inspired by this Full of Great Ideas name art tutorial. Stephanie included the link to the awesome Leo Reynolds collection of letters. I picked out the letters I wanted to use and saved them all at the same size to my desktop. I chose the medium 500 size. When I had all of my letters I uploaded them to my Walgreens photo account and chose the 8x10 photo collage print.

It only took a few seconds to choose my border color and arrange my photos. An 8x10 is only $3.99 or FREE if you can score a coupon code like I did. You do not need photoshop and it will only take minutes of your time!

I plan on using a matted black frame, but I need to find a great deal on one first!


  1. That is an awesome idea! I found a great deal on frames this weekend at Goodwill. Can't beat frames and mats for $5!

    :) Crafty Texas Girls

  2. That is a great deal! Hopefully I will score some soon!



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