Monday, May 23, 2011

Wyatt's Note to the Tooth Fairy

"The Tof is in the cup"

Wyatt's new smile!


  1. The note is super cute... and a really good idea. That's definitely a keeper! :) We have a scheduled visit from the tooth fairy for next Wednesday (my poor little 3 y.o. fella is getting an injured tooth extracted.) I've been searching for tooth fairy ideas; my son's a little young for a note, but I'm definitely going to have my daughter do this when it's time! By the way, I've found this Mom's Guide to have helpful info on caring for kids' teeth:

  2. Emily, Thanks for the link! I will check that out. Wyatt wrote the note all on his own, but I encouraged him to put the tooth on his desk as opposed to under his pillow. I do not want to dig around in the middle of the night!



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