Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Big Comfy Couch

When we purchased the new sectional I was really hesitant to get rid of the old couch. It was the first big piece of furniture that hubby and I bought and it is so comfy! The bones are still good, but the fabric is worn, tattered, and fading. These are things that can easily be fixed with a slipcover, but kids and slipcovers spell disaster with this mom that has a mild case of OCD so I decided that we going to work with it "as is" for the time being.

I did however make three reversible pillows using the old throw pillows and some fabulous Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric. I love all the yellow, blue, and pop of red.

I do not know if I have posted pictures of the toys before so this may be a first. I know there is a lot, but I do have three kids that are home everyday, all day, with the exception of Wyatt who is in school 2.5 hours and we like to play!


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