Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Kitchen

This is our kitchen. Standard builder grade kitchen. My husband hates it, but at this moment I love it because I have plenty of cabinet space, a pantry, an island with eating space, enough room for my table that seats 6 (we have 5 in our family so this was a must) and you know what? The linoleum can handle anything that my kids can dish out! At this time we have only swapped out the light fixtures and the stove. Here is the grand tour!

The computer area. I love this little nook. The featured art above is by my youngest artist, Luke. We usually change these once a month and most times all three kids contribute.

Here is my new chalkboard with hand crafted magnets made from covered buttons and leftover magnets. I hemmed and hawed over this $9.99 find at Target and glad I went for it. Thank you Mary for your patience!

These are not staged pictures, hence the garbage can. I think when we redo the kitchen I want the built in trash cans.

My pantry! This is my first pantry. At our previous home I had to cram all of our food into a regular cabinet and store the excess in a tote in the basement. Very inconvenient! I love this pantry and no, mine does not have labels, or wallpaper, or pretty baskets, but it functional and works for me.

Here is my "risk". Grass in numbered galvanized pails. The pails were One Spot purchase, the numbers were a Wonderfully Wordy Groupdealz and the grass was purchased at Old Time Pottery. This was the look I was going for. I am totally stalking Allison over at HoH!


  1. I think the little pails look fantastic!! Great job! As for the kitchen - sometimes you just have to work with what you've got. And what you've got isn't too bad!!!

  2. I love the wheatgrass!! I am dying. And thanks for the mention.



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